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Sobriety is just the beginning

How I Can help

If you or a family member has done the hard work of overcoming addiction, you might still be thinking "Ok, so what happens now?"  "Where do I go from here?"  This is where I can help.


 I am a certified life coach and a registered nurse with an extensive background in addiction.  I have combined these areas of expertise to offer a different approach to helping you find these answers.


Sobriety changes life for both addicts and their loved ones.  It requires a different way of interaction with ourselves, each other and the world. 

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What if instead of buffering feelings of discomfort, you were able to access them to show you what you needed?  What if your feelings were the gateway to knowing your authentic self?  What if everything could change without anything changing?  What if you could come from a place of curiosity instead of judgement?

“OK, so what now?” can help you ask the questions, find the answers, and open the door to all the possibilities in your life.


This is for anyone who life has been defined by past addiction whether it is you or someone you love.

Areas of Exploration

  • Who am I without my addiction?

  • Addressing shame and stigma

  • Understanding our feelings and how they drive our actions

  • Understanding our thoughts and how they create our feelings

  • Buffering: what it is and why we do it

  • Urges

  • Emotional Adulthood vs Emotional Childhood

  • Relationships: boundaries and manuals

  • Relationship with yourself: self confidence

  • Goals: life, love, and money


Free Introductory Session

Set up a free discovery session by clicking the button below and completing your contact information.  I will reach out to you to schedule a time.

Coaching Options




$540 if paid in advance

(10% discount)




$1020 if paid in advance

(15% discount)


All coaching sessions done via Zoom video conferencing. 

Training & Certifications

The Life Coach School certified coach

Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN)

Registered Nurse (RN)

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